Mind Over Matter: The Hidden Influence of Psychology on Well-Being and Performance workshop

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Presented by: David Ballard, Psy.D., MBA

Friday September 29th, 2017

9:00AM – 4:30PM @ Italian Cultural Centre Society 3075 Slocan Street Vancouver, BC V5M 4P5

Continuing Education Credits: 6

About the Workshop

Mystery… Suspense… Shocking plot twists… In every organization, unseen factors lurk beneath the surface. In the shadows, just out of view, these aspects of your organization’s culture have the potential to turn your workplace practices into either a heartwarming feel-good hit, or a fright fest
of program failures. From issues including organizational justice, climate, and trust to theories of leadership and how the exchange between managers and employees affects organizational outcomes, psychology is the ashlight that illuminates the darkness and gives you a glimpse of what’s hiding under the bed or peering out from behind the closet door. In this session, participants will review psychology research linked to well-being and performance, explore data from the American Psychological Association’s 2017 survey of the U.S. workforce, consider ethical dilemmas and risk management strategies, and solve “cold cases” of workplace wellness gone wrong. Those who survive will return to their organizations better prepared to identify and address often- overlooked in uencers that drive business success.

Learning Objectives

Following this session, participants will be able to:

  1. Dscribe three psychological issues that affect employees’ well-being and performance
  2. List the ve types of workplace practices that foster a psychologically healthy workplace
  3. Discuss how to promote psychological well-being in their own organizations and the issues that can enhance or impede their efforts.
  4. Identify ethical issues that may arise when addressing well-being and performance issues in the workplace and describe risk management strategies.

How to register for this workshop

  • Mail this form to: BC Psychological Association
    402 – 1177 West Broadway Vancouver, BC V6H 1G3
  • Fax 604–730–0502 or Call 604–730–0501
  • Go online: http://psychologists.bc.ca

About the Presenter: 
David W. Ballard, PsyD, MBA currently serves as Assistant Executive Director for Marketing and Business Development at the American Psychological Association and the APA Practice Organization. In this capacity, he designs and directs efforts related to health and well-being in the workplace, works to enhance psychology’s position in the marketplace, provides research and development and strategic consultation to further the Practice Directorate’s marketplace agenda, and oversees the development of resources to help psychologists build, manage, market, and diversify their practices. Dr. Ballard also spearheads the Psychologically Healthy Workplace Program.

 The Psychologically Healthy Workplace Awards will take place during lunch hour. Learn more at: http://phwa.ca

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