Thank you for your interest in the Psychologically Healthy Workplace Awards. These awards recognize organizations that make a commitment to workplace well-being and create a psychologically healthy work environment for employees. The Awards are granted by the Psychologically Healthy Workplace Awards Committee,  a Standing Committee of the British Columbia Psychological Association and an affiliate of the American Psychological Association.

The award provides companies and organizations, of all sizes, an opportunity to highlight their efforts to promote psychological health in the workplace. Many people in your organization work hard to foster a healthy work environment and offering them a chance to showcase their efforts is important.

The process of applying provides an opportunity for your organization to identify, document and celebrate your psychologically healthy practices and accomplishments. All applicants will receive a comprehensive feedback report based on their submission.

Winners will receive an attractive trophy indicating that they are a winner of the prestigious Psychologically Healthy Workplace Award. Winners are honoured at an awards event to which the media and business community are invited. This accomplishment can be publicized in internal and external corporate communications.

It should be noted that the PHWA is a voluntary effort that is dependent on support from the business community. We welcome sponsorship, whether it is financial or in-kind. Please review the sponsorship information here.

For more information about sponsorship opportunities, educational activities or applications for the upcoming awards, please contact us at 604.730.0501 or

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